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Big 5 Trait Combo Description

High Extroversion


Low Conscientiousness

High Agreeableness

High Openness

This person is a walking bundle of joy and emotions! They are always late, easily influenced by other people, and love to impress. They don't believe in science but don't shy away from a good argument. They are easily distracted, not very organized, and tend to worry a lot. They are high maintenance, crave attention, and often rely on their emotions to make decisions. They are prone to jealousy and attachment, but always put a smile on someone's face. They are not detail-oriented and don't have great self-confidence, but they can be surprisingly happy at times. Their goals are inspired by their heart, not their head, and they will do whatever it takes to avoid rejection. All in all, this person is a fun-loving, emotional, and unpredictable individual!

Ideal Careers for your Personality

Do you dream of a career in the entertainment, fashion, or music industry? With so many exciting options, you can make your dreams come true! Become a hair stylist, entertainer, makeup artist, actor, performer, childcare worker, fashion merchandiser, radio DJ, fashion designer, beautician, stylist, kindergarten teacher, theater industry professional, performing artist, fashion editor, school counselor, singer, wedding planner, massage therapist, analyst, costume designer, dancer, news anchor, dance teacher, stay at home parent, child psychologist, guidance counselor, preschool teacher, music industry expert, arts and media whiz, entertainment industry insider, waiter/waitress, elementary school teacher, photographer, theater teacher, music journalist, bar owner, model, therapist, event coordinator, nanny, animal trainer, cosmetologist, stage manager, professional photographer, social worker, casting director, record store owner, receptionist, fundraiser, counselor, musician, special education teacher, interior decorator, body piercer, photo journalist, broadcaster, social services worker, music therapist, special education worker, tattoo artist, or career in the television industry - your imagination is the only limit! Homemaker, interior designer – why not pursue them too? Make your career dreams come.

Careers that Don't Fit

This person loves to dig deep and uncover the answers to complex questions. They are analytical thinkers with an aptitude for problem-solving and a passion for understanding their environment. With a knack for finding creative solutions, they are drawn to fields such as research, computer engineering, biotechnology, astronomy, mathematics, and political science. They shy away from technology, computer, or government industries and would rather explore the unknown than analyze data. If there's an intellectual challenge to be had, this person will take the risk and make a difference.

SLOAN Big Five Key

Big 5 Trait
Sloan High
Sloan Low
S (Social)
R (Reserved)
I (Curious)
N (Non-curious)
A (Agreeable)
E (Egocentric)
O (Organized)
U (Unorganized)
L (Limbic)
C (Calm)


Game of Life

The Game of Life is a Play to Earn Metaverse/NFT game that rewards you for growing. Step 1 is taking the Free Psychometrics test and then joining our community. The community is here to help you on your journey and as each person in the community grows so those the entire community which creates more value for all of us. 

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