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Big 5 Trait Combo Description

High Extroversion


High Conscientiousness

Low Agreeableness

High Openness

These people are motivated and driven to impress others, and they like to stay on top of the social ladder. Quick-tempered and emotionally charged, they prefer the familiar and practical over theoretical discussions and science fiction. Materialistic and craving instant gratification, they also like to keep up appearances. Not big on introspection, these folks value organized religion, compliments, loyalty, and rules. They can be demanding and controlling, expecting things to be done their way with precision. Ultimately, they want to feel like a powerful authority figure: admired, thin, and physically attractive.

Ideal Careers for your Personality

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of the fabulous fashion industry, you’re in luck! From fashion merchandisers to models, stylists, makeup artists, and wedding planners, there’s a career path for everyone to make their mark in the world of fashion. If you’re more of a beauty buff, you can become a cosmetologist, beautician, or interior decorator/designer. If you’re a bit of a performer, you could be a dancer, actor, or entertainer. There’s also something for the business-savvy, such as a real estate agent, business manager, or public relations manager. And for the writers and editors, there’s magazine editing, event planning, and office management. Whatever your passion is, the fashion industry has a place for you!

Careers that Don't Fit

Are you looking for a job that's out of this world? Then you won't be a fan of the usual roles like scientist, philosopher, astronaut, research scientist, astronomer, archeologist, scholar, game designer, researcher, theologian, video game designer, biotechnology, pilot, historian, novelist, strategist, anthropologist, history professor, computer scientist, environmentalist, scientist, wildlife biologist, microbiologist, fighter pilot, professor, computer engineer, chemist, Egyptologist, biochemist, aerospace engineer, and military intelligence! If you're after something a bit more... extraordinary, then these may not be the paths for you!

SLOAN Big Five Key

Big 5 Trait
Sloan High
Sloan Low
S (Social)
R (Reserved)
I (Curious)
N (Non-curious)
A (Agreeable)
E (Egocentric)
O (Organized)
U (Unorganized)
L (Limbic)
C (Calm)


Game of Life

The Game of Life is a Play to Earn Metaverse/NFT game that rewards you for growing. Step 1 is taking the Free Psychometrics test and then joining our community. The community is here to help you on your journey and as each person in the community grows so those the entire community which creates more value for all of us. 

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