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Big 5 Trait Combo Description

High Introversion


High Conscientiousness

High Agreeableness

Low Openness

Introverted and reflective, they prefer to stay out of the spotlight but have no qualms about taking risks when necessary. They savor new experiences and have an eye for the poignancy of the world. Responsible, clean, and organized, they take the time to consider their decisions before committing to them. They may not be overly outgoing, but they are not shy about making friends and remain kind and understanding. They are rarely overwhelmed by depression and anxiety, are grateful for compliments, and are generous with them in return. Physical fitness is important to them, but they don't need to compete against others to stay in shape. They are not afraid to show affection and are gentle and thoughtful people who value their privacy.

Ideal Careers for your Personality

Do you have a passion for understanding the world around you and discovering the secrets it holds? If so, you may be a researcher, scholar, bookseller, editor, academic, librarian, scientist, novelist, archeologist, medical researcher, psychologist, historian, theologian, philosopher, author, psychotherapist, geneticist, environmentalist, astronomer, analyst, archivist, biochemist, college professor, biologist, professor of English, psychoanalyst, curator, neurologist, forensic scientist, chemist, forensic anthropologist, history professor, psychiatrist, non-profit sector worker, math teacher, clinical psychologist, data analyst, art historian, English teacher, lab technician, biotechnologist, healer, biomedical engineer, linguist, or publisher. You have the power to make a difference in the world through your knowledge and experience!

Careers that Don't Fit

If you’d rather stay away from the spotlight and don’t fancy yourself a sales pro, then it’s probably best to steer clear of careers in entertainment, fashion, sports, broadcasting, and marketing. This means you probably don’t want to become an entertainer, movie star, bar owner, athlete, rock star, model, record producer, salesman, radio broadcaster, radio DJ, sales manager, comedian, race car driver, bartender, marketing manager, advertising specialist, sports manager, business manager, or actor.

SLOAN Big Five Key

Big 5 Trait
Sloan High
Sloan Low
S (Social)
R (Reserved)
I (Curious)
N (Non-curious)
A (Agreeable)
E (Egocentric)
O (Organized)
U (Unorganized)
L (Limbic)
C (Calm)


Game of Life

The Game of Life is a Play to Earn Metaverse/NFT game that rewards you for growing. Step 1 is taking the Free Psychometrics test and then joining our community. The community is here to help you on your journey and as each person in the community grows so those the entire community which creates more value for all of us. 

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