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Big 5 Trait Combo Description

High Introversion

Emotionally Stable

Low Conscientiousness

High Agreeableness

Low Openness

This chill-as-can-be loner is rarely ready for anything and unashamedly unambitious. They don't care much for crowds or the spotlight, but they possess a remarkable amount of patience and a laid-back attitude. Unbothered by judgments, they consider the feelings of others before acting. They're naturally curious and bravely flexible, trusting and distractible. They're not especially picky about food and don't get too hung up on relationships or superficial things. They're more into science than partying, and they're not too fussed if people have trouble reading them. They're also great at being a good sport and are humble and emotionally stable.

Ideal Careers for your Personality

A polymath is a person with a wide variety of interests and knowledge, from science and technology to the humanities and arts. They are a master of many trades, from philosophers and professors to astronauts and freelance writers. They could be an archeologist, environmental scientists, physicist, anthropologist, museum curators, theologians, biotechnology experts, game designers, college professors, pilots, Egyptologists, audio engineers, ecologists, biochemists, animators, genetics researchers, forensic anthropologists, wildlife biologists, computer programmer, paleontologist, chemist, freelance artist, assassin, comic book artist, cartoonist, engineer, art historian, strategist, psychoanalyst, artist, research psychologist, environmental engineer, historian, computer engineer, sailor, computer animator, political scientist, non-profit sector employee, forensic scientist, history professor, software engineer, screenwriter, microbiologist, or any other number of occupations. Polymaths are always exploring, always learning, and always pushing the boundaries of their knowledge!

Careers that Don't Fit

Are you looking for a job that doesn't involve long hours and boring administrative work? Say goodbye to executive, manager, fashion designer, fashion editor, stylist, office administrator, executive assistant, businessman, interior designer/decorator, sales manager, business manager, real estate agent, administrative assistant, office assistant, personal assistant, business administrator, and business consultant roles! These positions can require a lot of extra effort, so why not seek out a job that's both enjoyable and rewarding?

SLOAN Big Five Key

Big 5 Trait
Sloan High
Sloan Low
S (Social)
R (Reserved)
I (Curious)
N (Non-curious)
A (Agreeable)
E (Egocentric)
O (Organized)
U (Unorganized)
L (Limbic)
C (Calm)


Game of Life

The Game of Life is a Play to Earn Metaverse/NFT game that rewards you for growing. Step 1 is taking the Free Psychometrics test and then joining our community. The community is here to help you on your journey and as each person in the community grows so those the entire community which creates more value for all of us. 

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