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Partner Program

We give up to 50% of Each Sale back to the Community in ETH

What is the Partner Program?

Our Partner Program is how we rewards the Community Members for sharing the project and helping grow the Community. When you share you Personality NFT's Discount Link with others, you will earn a commission on each sale.

Who is it for?

1. Individuals

If you love the project, and our Mission and want to share it, we make it super rewarding. When you share the project with your friends, they can take the test for Free, get insights from the results, and receive the 3 Free Gifts. Plus a 10% Cash Back from on Purchase and you will earn a Commission. 

2. Communities, DAOs, Influencers

Communities, DOAs, Life Coaches, and Influencers can share their code and earn. If you fit this description reach out to our team, and we can discuss ways we can increase your Bonus by upgrading your Rarity.

3. Builders, Content Creators, etc

You can build and create with the support and feedback from our Community. We have a number of APIs that make it easy to create projects using Personality NFTs. Additionally, we can directly support your project with our tech stack and also make it easy to earn additional income via our Partner Program.

Scattered Coins

Share & Earn

Earn up to 50% Commission

Share your Discount Link and Earn a Commission Everytime Someone Buys!

For Individuals

Fiends will be able to take the test for free, get value from our 3 Free Gifts and be able to Get 10% Cash Back on Minting. 

And you'll earn a commission!

To sweeten the pie, you will also earn on secondary sales!

For Communities

Communities can now start using our Bots & Personality NFTs. The Friend Finder Bot introduces people in your Discord or Community to people they should know, thus creating tremendous value for your members.


The Bot is Free, and it actually pays to use it, as we give up to 50% of all sales back to your community!

How does the Commission Work?

Commissions Per Level
Total Commission
35% | 10% | 1% | 1% | 1% | 1% | 1%
30% | 9% | 1% | 1% | 1% | 1%
25% | 8% | 1% | 1% | 1%
Super Rare
20% | 7% | 1% | 1% | 1%
15% | 6% | 1% | 1%
10% | 4% | 1%
5% | 2%

For example, Mythical Pays a 35% Commission on Direct Sales, 10% on Secondary sales, and 1% on sales up to Septary for a total of 50%!

How do I join

Joining is automatic when you Purchase a Personality NFT.


Is Purchase Necessary? 

No purchase is necessary. In fact, we will gift you a Personality NFT for free when earn a Gold Status in our Playground Community

We structured the Commission so that you get rewarded for helping sell Personality NFTs and helping others sell.


Our community, like every community, is a network of people. When you invite one person, this has a knock-on effect when they also invite people. We wanted to reward people for their impact, and for this reason, we created Levels. 

How Bonuses Work

Bonus is the Total Commission that is paid on sales. Levels indicate how this commission is split up.


What are Levels:

Levels reward you for the people you bring into the network and the people they bring in. We reward you by giving you a percentage of the sale you bring in directly and sales from your network.

Level 1 sales are Direct sales using your Discount Link. Level 2 sales are Secondary sales; these are friends of friends who bought. We designed it this way, so Community DAOs and Influencers can get the benefit of selling directly to their communities and also benefit when their community shares it with others. Levels 1 and 2 pay the highest commission rates, and all other active levels pay 1%. This is a nice kind of Bonus for building out your network.

Commission Table

Each Rarity Pays out a specific Bonus on each Level. Refer to the table below.

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