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Minting Guide

We made Minting super easy! 

All you need is an Email & Credit Card.

What is Minting

Minting puts your Personality NFT in your Wallet. Your Personality NFT will be owned by your Ethereum Address. Personality NFT owners have special access & benefits.

How do I Mint?

We made Minting super easy. There are 3 ways to mint:

1. Minting with Credit Card

Log in and select the 'Mint Button' from the Result Page. This will initiate the Minting Screen. On the Minting Screen, select the 'Mint with Credit Card' button and finalize the purchase. 

2. Minting with Ethereum 

Select the 'Mint Button' from the Result Page. If you have Metamask on your browser, our app will connect to it and launch the Minting Screen. On the Minting Screen, select the 'Mint with Ethereum' button and finalize the purchase. 

3. Mining with Rarity Card

If you have a Rarity Card, you can use it as a Mint Pass. Connect the Eth Address that holds the Rarity Card. On the Minting Screen, select the Rarity Card from the Drop Down.

* Please note, that Minting can take up to 10 minutes. After your purchase has been processed, your NFT will be in the NFT Tab, where you can see it. If the NFT Tab is not working for any reason, REFRESH the page. 

Benefits of Minting

1. Apps & Tools

NFT gives you access to our Bots & Matching Tools

2. Community

Personalized Community & VIP Access

3. Exclusive Content

Access to Secret Workshops

4. Own a piece of History

You’ll become one of the 1st people in history to Mint their Personality on the Blockchain. Your Personality NFT# signifies your Mint order!

5. Personalized Experiences

NFT will unlock ‘Experiences’ & give you access to the Game of Life

6. Become a Co-Creator

You can build using our APIs, create content, and give value to the community and earn. 

7. Share & Earn

You can earn ETH. When you share your Discount Code, you can earn as much as 50% of commissions. 

Scattered Coins

Share & Earn

Earn up to 50% Commission

Share your Discount Link and Earn a Commission Everytime Someone Buys!

For Individuals

Friends will be able to take the test for free, get value from our 3 Free Gifts and be able to Get 10% Cash Back on Minting. 

And you'll earn a commission!

To sweeten the pie, you will also earn on secondary sales!

For Communities

Communities can now start using our Bots & Personality NFTs. The Friend Finder Bot introduces people in your Discord or Community to people they should know, thus creating tremendous value for your members.


The Bot is Free, and it actually pays to use it, as we give up to 50% of all sales back to your community!

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