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Metaverse Game of Life

ICO Launch Coming Soon!

What is the Game of Life?

Imagine if a game could help you realize your potential, discover the deepest truths and pay you for it. 

We are building a model, where you are rewarded for Growing. The more you play the game, the more you learn about yourself and others and the more you grow. The more you grow, the more value you create for yourself and others and the more you earn in the game and in life.

Play to Earn

The ultimate goal of this project is to help you learn more about yourself, your personality and your values so you can become crystal clear on your purpose in life right now. Once you know you purpose, the Game will help you get it!

How does this work? It works through our Win-Win-Win model.


We connect you with a community that shares your values, goals, and purpose. You WIN by collaborating with your community which helps you achieve your goals helps the other members achieve their goals. As you grow, you directly benefit by achieving your goals and you also get rewarded by earning NFTs and Coin Drops that reflect your growth.

Through this process, you WIN, your community WINS and the entire Game of Life WINS.

Community Owned 


  • Utility: Coin holders will get access to our communities and discounts on NFTs and other products in the game.

  • Store of Value: Coins will be backed by the Game of Life.

  • Revenue Share: Coin earn a % of sales. 

  • Deflationary: Tokens have a restricted supply, so as the community grows and demand for the token so will the price. 

  • Staking: New tokens will be earned by members who stake.

 The goal of the Community Tokens is to create a the game which is powered by multiple positive feedback loops that compounds the value of the token. When you buy the Game of Life Token, the funds are used to build out The Game of Life and all of the NFTs within the game. When NFT projects are sold and resold, a percentage of each sale goes back to the community token and the funds are again reinvested in community via community chosen projects. As a result, the token's value will continually compound as the community creates more value.


Lastly, there is a restricted supply, which means that the token is deflationary. As the community grows and more people buy the coin, the demand will go up while the supply is restricted.

This project is a Community Owned Project. ​You are the owners! 

How you see the World

The way you see the world and what you value go hand in hand. On one end, you automatically scan your environment for the people, objects and experiences that you 'value'. As a result, the word you experience is a byproduct of these values, so your values shape your world view. This helps orient you in the world, so you can move forward towards the things you think will make you happy. However, in doing so, we often miss the things we don't see as valuable. This is ok, but comes at a price, as we end up missing out.


The Goal of the Game is to first help you identify what you value, so we can help you attain it and second to explore additional values so you can the most out of them as well. The ultimate goal is to gain the entire spectrum of values, so you can integrate them in your life and live the most fulfilling life possible.

Get the Most out of Each Value System

In your own experience, you probably see the word differently today than you did 5 years ago, 10 years ago, or 20 years ago. Even though you personality is the same, the world you see has changed and these changes correspond to developmental psychology and how people grow over time.


The value systems below are based on the research of Clare Graves, Don Bech and corresponds to Jane Lovinger's 'ego stages', John Broughton's 'self epistomology', Sullivan and Grant's 'self integration', and the work of Herb Koplowitz, Pascual Leone, Sri Aurobindo, Patricia Arlin, etc. These systems were then integrated by Ken Wilber. 

By using the Personality NFTs we can identify strenghts of each member and use it as a way collaborate as a DOA and each of us can get the most out of the Game of Life.

Here is an example of a few of the Value System Memes:

Blue: Discipline

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.32.49 AM.png

Hard work, discipline will be rewarded in our community. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The community is here to help you elevate.

Orange:  Success & Wealth Building

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.33.07 AM.png

We will work to discover the best investments in Crypto by solving the fundamental problems of 'information overload' and a very emotional market. 

You can best contribute by focusing in on your biggest interest, mastering it, and sharing your insights with the group. When each of us does is, we can identify the best opportunities in each category: DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Ecosystems, Insurance, Yield, etc.

We will look to launch an Investment Token. This token will automatically invest in the best crypto and NFT investments in each category and earn a yield. Via diversification we can insure that we hit on those 10x-100x projects while eliminating almost all of the risk.

Green:  Community, Equal Opprtunity

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.33.17 AM.png

Green will look to identify the projects that support global values such as: education, environment, equal opportunity, human rights, etc.

NFT's that are generated for Green will give back by giving a % of each sale to non-profits that the Green community has chosen.

We will look to launch a Green Token. This token will automatically invest in the best crypto that serve humanity.

Yellow: Systems Thinking

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.33.35 AM.png

Yellow's focus is in the overall health of the entire system, while balancing both individual needs and community needs. It will ensure that each of these value systems supports the entire system. It will invest in creating NFTs and projects that benefit our entire community.

Turquoise: Holistic

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.33.48 AM.png

Turquoise sees life as a one large holistic organism. The goal here is to best understand 'the Self' and the world. To explore your deepest purpose in life, who you are, and you personal truths. To discover who you are beyond your personality, your culture, your value and to transcend. 

Turquoise will create an opportunity for transcendance, mystical experiences and satori. It will manifest its values via the creation and manintantce of a holistic economy within the Game of Life.


Phase 1: Launch Website

Auction Tickets to first 1,000 Personality NFTs on the Blockchain. Winners will be the first 1,000 people to get their personality minted on the Blockchain.

This will be the fist time that personality traits have been immortalized on the blockchain and holders will have special access to future projects.

Phase 2: Launch Discord Groups

Project will be opened to everyone! Anyone will be able to take our personality test and mint their Personality NFT and share it in our communities.

Phase 3: Launch Game of Life Token

Personality is Dynamic and the Personality NFTs should reflect this! The Dynamic Collection will allow you to dress up your card. Like clothes, you'll be able to switch outfits, accessorize and show people who you.


The Dynamic Collection of 10,000 NFTs will be the fist collection to feature dynamic accessories and will be a collectors item for our community members

Phase 4: Personality Accessories NFTs

Dynamic cards and accessories will be opened to all. Anyone will be able to buy and sell accessories and dress up their Personality NFTs.

Phase 6: Community Token

The Community Token will represent ownership in the community, its assets and earnings. The restricted supply insures that the price goes up as the community grows.

Phase 7: The Metaverse Game

Imagine if a game could help you realize your potential, discover the deepest truths and pay you for it. 

We are building a model, where you are rewarded for Growing. The more you play the game, the more you learn about yourself and others and the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you earn in the game and in life.

Gamifying Meaning, Purpose & Joy

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