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Power of Personality NFTs

Rarity & Earning Crypto

We are giving up to 50% of Each Purchasae back to the Community

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Your Personality NFT is also a Pass to our Communities, our Apps, our Tools, and the Game of Life.

You can earn crypto within our communities and in The Game of Life. Early Minters will automatically get a higher Yield. In this way, those who help build out the community will be the most heavily rewarded! 

Features & Utility

Get deep insights into your personality, values, and your ideal way of achieving your goals.

Get a Personalized Invite to a Private Group of your Tribe that can help you on your journey.

Access to our broader community, so you can meet people with different perspectives and get value.

Our Match Tab shows you your highest and lowest matches out of every test taker.

Friend Finder Bot can automatically introduce you to your best matches in any Discord or Web3.0 Community!

Personality NFTs can Earn Crytpo when shared with others.

Using the Personality Cards
in our Community

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The Personality NFT helps you discover what values motivate you most and what Goals inspire you to action. Meet friends who share your goals and can help you on your journey in our community.


We help you discover the best ways to work together in our DAO by leveraging the strengths of your personality and by providing you access to the right tools and people.

The Personality NFT is a PASS to the Game of Life and to our Communities and Exclusive Content.

Co-Hort Bonuses


Have the opportunity to Mint a 'Super Rare' and above Personality NFT.


Get Instant Access to our Growth Hub & Connect with others.

PDF Download

Free Psychometrics Test, Free Card Downloads & Free PDF Results Download!


Get Free Access to 3 of our Bootcamps on Big 5 Traits, NFTs & Hero's Journey.  


Turn your Personality into an NFT

We have developed the most complete Psychometrics Test which includes your Big 5 personality traits, value systems, and identity and allows you to predict future behavior. Similar tests cost between $100 and $1,200 USD.


After you take our FREE Psychometrics Personality Test you will be able to MINT your personality into an NFT on the Blockchain. 

Personality NFTs give you the opportunity to become one of the first people to have their personality minted on the blockchain.

Instant Trust & Privacy

We don't collect personal information or KYC so your results are private. Your Personality NFT will live on the blockchain, within your address and it gives you the power to share it as you see fit.  


The Personality NFT allows people to instantly share their personality with others and find people like-minded people online and in our community. The NFT expedites TRUST while allowing you to remain private.


To reward early minters, rarity will be tied to the mint number. For example, if you are the 100th person to mint your Personality NFT, you will have a Very High Rarity Score. On the other hand, if you are the 20,000th person to mint, you'll have a Low Rarity Score. 

We will actively reward High Rarity Personality NFT holders.

Community Owned 

Join your brethren and find a community of like minded individuals that help you achieve your goals!

These cards are very powerful. They can be used to learn about yourself, to learn about others, to find friends, to find business partners, and to achieve your goals in life. They also ​have multiple use cases for businesses such as, HR, dating, and can be utilized to help organize other DAOs.

A high tide raises all boats. As the Community Grows and creates value, then so will you. 

This project is a Community Owned Project. ​You are the owners!


Phase 1:

Design Personlity NFTs


Creating sick art that symbolically represents your values and personality traits. 

Phase 2:

Creating Personality Test App

Creating one of a kind Personality Test that is based on the latest Personality Theory that will both amaze you in the experience and floor you with its results.


Phase 3:

Launching Playground & Communities

Launching a Playground and Bootcamp where you a can meet people who share you Goals, Values and have complimentary personality traits!


Phase 4:

Mint your Interactive Personality NFT


Taking NFTs to the Next Level by creating a Mint App that turns your Personality Cards into an INTERACTIVE NFT. Now, you'll be able to spin, turn, zoom and click on the NTFs as if you were holding them in your hands.

Phase 5:

Friend Finder Bot


Imagine talking to a Discord Bot or Digital Human that can introduce you to high-quality matches. You can instantly find you tribe in any Discord, Metaverse, Game, Event or Community!


Phase 6:

Team Assesements


You're bringing a team of pros together and you want to know ahead of time how all of the people's personalities will mix, what do you do? This tool can give you a SWOT analysis for any 2 or more people.

Phase 7:

Community Token

Coming in 2023

Creating a Tokenomics that rewards Personality NFT holders for helping the community grow by sharing sales!


When we grow, you grow!


The Game of Life

1st Experience Coming in 2023

Imagine if a game could help you realize your potential, discover the deepest truths and pay you for it. 

We are building a model, where you are rewarded for Growing. The more you play the game, the more you learn about yourself and others and the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you earn in the game and in life.

Gamifying Meaning, Purpose & Joy

The ultimate goal of this project is to help you learn more about yourself, your personality and your values so you can become crystal clear on your purpose in life.

We are here to help you on your journey by connecting with friends who share your values and the right resources so you can create what ever it is that inspires you most and share it with others. 

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